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Prior to completing the Professional Pastry Program at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Massachusetts, Kate spent a decade working as an aircraft mechanic for the United States Air Force and earning a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of New Hampshire. Her decision to pursue a longtime passion for baking led to a position at the popular Italian restaurant Tosca in Boston, where she assisted in creating scratch-made desserts on a daily basis. A move up to Maine brought Kate to our Cooking School, a change that has allowed her to find the perfect balance between cooking and teaching.

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Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate
Mint chocolate chip is an ice cream flavor composed of ice cream with small mint chocolate chips. In most cases peppermint or spearmint flavoring is used. Prepare the ingredients Wash the mint, peel it. Bring the milk and...
29 January 2020, 15:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Strawberry Ice Cream Homemade
This homemade strawberry ice cream recipe is about as good as it gets. Plus, it’s totally the Molly Ringwald of the ice cream world since it’s so pretty in pink! This recipe is incredibly easy,...
29 January 2020, 14:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Coffee Ice Cream Simple and Easy Steps
This Homemade Coffee Ice Cream is made just like old-fashioned ice cream! It starts with a custard that is blended with heavy cream and churned in an ice cream maker for a sensationally smooth and...
28 January 2020, 09:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Pistachio Ice Cream Homemade Steps
Pistachio ice cream or pistachio nut ice cream is an ice cream flavor made with pistachio nuts or flavoring. It is often distinctively green in color. Pistachio is also a flavor of sorbet and gelato. Preparing...
27 January 2020, 11:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Almond Ice Cream Homemade Steps
Deliciously smooth and ultra creamy almond ice cream, made with just  6 ingredients! And today this creamy recipe joins the growing list of vegan ice cream recipes an you will enjoy it. Prepare the condiments Pour the...
27 January 2020, 10:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Iced Nougat Fast and Easy Steps
A delicious and tasty recipe for iced nougat with honey and dried fruit, this is the time of year when I usually make desserts and cookies to the delight of my family. The dried fruits are...
27 January 2020, 09:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Mango Ceviche Easy Step by Step
This mango ceviche is prepared with fresh mangoes, onions, lime, orange juice, and habanero and / or fresno peppers, coriander and salt. I've been making this ceviche for 10 years and over time I have...
26 January 2020, 08:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Chocolate Donuts Homemade Steps
The most delicious donuts in the world: the chocolate donuts! Moist and fluffy donuts that are baked, not fried, and full of chocolate. Covered in a thick chocolate glaze, these are perfect for any chocoholic who...
24 January 2020, 15:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Mahalabia Homemade Step by Step
An Egyptian dessert that can be prepared in a few minutes. Mahalabia (مهلبية) is a dessert cream originally made from milk, cornstarch, sugar and rose water. You can add fruits like apricots. For my part I...
24 January 2020, 14:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Oum Ali Oriental Pudding Homemade
The oum Ali also known as “oriental pudding” is a creamy dessert made from puff pastry or croissants and soft and crunchy dried fruits. In Arabic oum means mother and Ali… Ali! So she is...
23 January 2020, 14:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Gazelle Horns – Kaab el Gazelle
Whether Moroccan, Algerian or Tunisian, gazelle horns, small almond and orange blossom cakes are easy to make at home. Discover step by step with our recipe how to make these tasty oriental pastries! Prepare the dough Pour...
23 January 2020, 12:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Irish Stew Grandma Secrets
Today we will help you make the most famous Irish stew step by step easy and fast recipe. Prepare the meat Preheat the oven to 3/4 (140ºC). Heat the oil in a saucepan, brown the bay leaves (closing...
22 January 2020, 15:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Sfogliatella Homemade Naples Tips
Sfogliatella is a typical recipe from Naples and its region. This traditional pastry, found in southern Italy, is a puff pastry, cone-shaped, topped with a creamy ricotta cream. Preparing the sfogliatella dough Mix the flour with the...
21 January 2020, 12:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Opera Traditional Secrets and Tips
This great classic of French pastry made with chocolate, cream and coffee remains a staple of chocolate desserts. Its different layers and textures give all the particularity to this gourmet dessert. Let yourself be guided...
18 January 2020, 11:01
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Chicken Wings Caramelized Texas Style
Chicken Wings are a game day staple! This recipe has the most delicious seasoning consisting of paprika, garlic, salt and pepper. This is a healthier and more flavorful way to cook your favorite dinner or...
31 December 2019, 18:12
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms
The creamy chicken filling for these recipe is so tasty and pretty simple to make. Try this ultra delicious recipe of the chicken stuffed mushrooms following those easy steps. Preparation of mushrooms Remove the stems from all the...
30 December 2019, 10:12
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Chicken Pie Mexican Style Step By Step
A traditional Mexican chicken pie is classic comfort food and its a recipe that you will make again and again. Try it and you will taste one of the best Mexican recipes. Prepare chicken and condiments Boning...
29 December 2019, 10:12
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Coconut Chicken Soup Thai Style
If you’ve never eat it before, Coconut Chicken Soup is a delicious soup made of chicken and coconut milk base, a bit of pepper, sometimes mushrooms. This Coconut Chicken Soup Recipe is one of our favorites,...
27 December 2019, 10:12
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Hot Spanish Chicken Salad
In this recipe, it’s not just the flavors that are new. This hot chicken salad also adds a craveable dose of texture and crunch thanks to the additions of water chestnuts, slivered almonds, and crisp...
26 December 2019, 16:12
Nataly submitted a new recipe:
Blueberry Macaron Homemade Style
Blueberry macaron flavored with freeze-dried blueberry powder and filled with a barely sweet blueberry mascarpone filling. Hulls preparation Mix the almond powder and icing sugar to obtain a very fine mixture. Cook the water and sugar in thick...
24 December 2019, 14:12
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